of the Retreat meetings of the


September 11-16, 2011 Peterkin Camp and Conference Center

Romney, West Virginia

In Attendance: Bro. Prior Wayne Sautter, Bro. Gerald Fuss, Bro. Jerry Stone, Sr. Beverly                 Lewis, Bro. Robert Rock, Bro. Julian Hall

The meeting opened with prayer by the Prior.

Bro. Robert Rock, who had been Treasurer Pro Tem, was unanimously elected Treasurer.

Bro. Bob Rock presented a preliminary financial report, but will forward via email a complete report next week. There is approximately $650 in funds after the payment of $60 in dues to the Order. The amount may change a bit. We came out further ahead than we thought due to our stay only costing $40 per person per night, rather than the $50 we had thought in the contract. Groceries came to $248.00.

Bro. Gerald Fuss, Treasurer of the Order, reported funds totaling $2,072.55 in the general fund, and $2,071 in the John Wilson Fund in the form of a CD.

It was decided to offer a payment plan for next year's retreat. Some of our brothers and sisters do not have sufficient income to pay the full amount at once. They would like to stretch payment over the year so they are paid up by the time of retreat.

With the approval of the Abbot we will begin our retreat next year on Monday, rather than Sunday. This will save us a night's lodging but still allow three and a half days of retreat. Retreat will begin with the 4:00 PM music hour on Monday. The Prior will arrive a day early at his own expense to set things up so the retreat can begin in an orderly manner.

It was suggested that the Prior confer with the Abbot about granting a Certificate of Attendance to any Brother or Sister that requests one. It seems that some churches still regard their pastor's attendance at retreat as vacation or are skeptical of the purpose of the retreat.

The Prior led a discussion about the granting of an individual retreat, and the consensus of the group was that such a decision should rest with the Abbot. It was felt that the Abbot should request of the individual a reason for the request, the time of the retreat, and a covenant commitment with the individual to follow the order of the day while on retreat. It was felt that the communal gathering is an important part of the contemplative experience.

It was requested by Bro. Julian Hall that the Order's official website should offer a scholarship of $100 to a first time retreat, with the Mid-Atlantic Chapter adding an additional $50 to that amount. The net cost to the Mid-Atlantic retreat would be $100. This will be conveyed to the Order.

It was requested that we return to the normal rotation of duties regardless of the number of those on retreat.

There was much positive discussion about the location of the retreat and the hospitality of the center staff. It was quiet and we were left on our own with full access to the entire facility. Such appreciation was expressed by the Prior to Daisy McBride, the manager.

The dates of the retreat next year are September 10-14, 2012 at the Peterkin Camp and Conference Center.

Bro. Prior Wayne D. Sautter