of the Retreat meetings of the


Retreat #205 Minutes - Irons Homestead, Glocester, RI

Southern Retreat of the New England Chapter of Brothers and Sisters of the Way
May 20 - 24, 2012

Meeting called to order at 12:40 by Prior Brother Jerry.

Minutes of the 2011 business meeting were accepted with the correction of the date.

1. Proposed agenda: Safe Serve, Sunday Evening, Thursday's departure time frame, quiet time,
marketing strategies for the order to be discussed at the consistory.
Safe serve discussed getting one person certified for MA & RI and have the consistory pay for it.
Action: Sr. Jennifer will research if one can be certified for both states and can an out-of-state
person be certified.
Action: Send this suggestion to the Consistory meeting.

2. Sunday Evening arrival and program.
Discussion Prior Jerry had prearranged with Bro. Ken to be chaplain for this Sunday. Reality was
that we spent the time reconnecting then had communion. When should the flag be raised?
Bro. David suggested that we set the scheduled of starting at 4PM on Sunday with flag raising,
dinner, a reading and communion. 6 PM was suggested as a more reasonable time.
Action: Begin at 6 PM with flag raising followed by dinner, reconnecting and communion at 9
PM. This could be changed if circumstances dictate.

3. Thursday morning discussion - lots of discussion
Action: Breakfast at 8 AM, followed by clean up and the flag lowering.

4. Time schedule for each day of the retreat.
Action: Supper at 6 PM, Reading at 7:30 vespers at 9 PM except the last evening for Altar ofthe
way readings at 7:15, Altar of the Way with communion at 8:30 PM.

5. Quiet time My choice shouldn't impinge on other's choices. So walking and running is an
allowable choice.
Action: Each may choose to engage in their own activity but that activity shouldn't impinge on
the quiet of others. Always let another know if you are leaving the retreat space.
6. Action: Ask the consistory to strategize ways to market the order to the wider protestant clergy

7. Questions raised about the cost of retreat. Make sure that the retreat fee covers the cost of the
retreat. Send to consistory for discussion.

Adjourned at 1:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Sister Jennifer Geary