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Revisions 1995


Every Member is expected to make an Annual Retreat in fellowship with other Members.  The Retreat shall consist of daily morning and evening one-hour periods of readings without comment from books approved y the Librarian, the Prior or the Retreat leader, and prayer; a two-hour daily period of strict silence; a one-hour daily period devoted to sacred music, and a regular daily service of Holy Communion.  Each Member shall serve in menial work in turn.  The Retreat must last for three full days.  This is called the Annual Rule or Obligation.


Every Member must spend two hours consecutively in undisturbed silence each month as a reminder of duty to God and to others.  This is called the Monthly Rule or Obligation.


Every Member is expected to spend at least one hour each week with the ill, the dying, the imprisoned, the unfortunate, or the destitute, both to discipline the soul and to bring comfort and aid to sufferers in person.  This is called the Weekly Rule or Obligation.


Every Member must offer prayer daily for the welfare of others in ministry, especially members of this Order, and their common labors, and read some devotional and inspirational work each day.  In doing this each Member is conscious that all the Members of the Order are offering up petitions the same day with a common hope and purpose.  This is called the Daily Rule or Obligation.


Every Member shall loyally carry out, within his or her ability, such assignments as shall be made by the Prior, with due care being taken by the Prior not to infringe in any way upon the Member’s duties as a Pastor.  This is called the General Rule or Obligation.


Occasional Hospitality is offered whenever possible to a Brother or Sister visiting the area of our homes.