Why Retreat with Us?


“This was my first BSOW retreat
I take with me the love and blessing of having met new companions on my faith journey,
and renewed energy for my spiritual work.” 

                  “The simple disciplines of reading, silence, eating, and sharing together
                  open the heart to experience the depth of each day.” 

“Being away from demanding and at times uncontrollable schedule of my daily
ministry made me realize I can quiet my mind and have my soul restored!”

“The long walks let your soul catch up with you! 

“I leave remembering in my body, mind, and spirit
that I follow a call into ministry with joy and gladness,
and it is from that place I love to serve God and God’s people” 

                  “Going on the annual retreat of the Brothers and Sisters of the Way
is one of the great wellsprings of renewal in my life and ministry!”