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Reading on the Way...
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From Bro Wayne Sautter:

Into the Silent Land.

This Advent season and our preparation for the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ
brought to mind a beautiful image and reminder
from a little volume by Martin Laird entitled Into the Silent Land.
In the chapter "Parting the Veil: The Illusion of Separation from God" he writes,
"...when the mind is brought to stillness,

and all our strategies of acquisition have dropped, a deeper truth presents itself:
we are and have always been one with God
and we are all one in God (Jn 17:21)."
We all know how hard it is to enter such stillness at any given moment,
and how that difficulty multiplies during the Christmas season,

with its emphasis on acquisition.

The image Laird uses is that of the weather on the mountain.
He again writes, "The marvelous world of thoughts, sensation, emotions, and inspiration,

the spectacular world of creation around us,
are all patterns of stunning weather on the holy mountain of God.
But we are not the weather.
We are the mountain...
When the mind is brought to stillness we see that we are the mountain
and not the changing patterns of weather appearing on the mountain."

My prayer for all of us during this time of preparation to receive the Christ
is to not be distracted by all the "weather" of the Christmas season,
as wonderful as much of it is,
and to find the time to seek the stillness of mind that reminds us once again that

we are the mountain of God.
We are, indeed, one with God and we are,
indeed, all one in God.

May all of you have a truly wondrous and joyous encounter with the Christ

this Christmas season,
and may you be a mountain of faith in the midst of the swirling passions of life

that are as changeable as the weather.

Bless us all.

Bro. Prior Wayne

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