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Epiphany Letter, Sister Prior Jennifer Geary Jan 31 2019


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This past weekend we had challenging weather as snow turned to sleet and rain.  

All the predictions showed the temperatures rising through mid-day Sunday before dropping into a deep freeze.  It’s always tricky to decide when to plow during a snow to rain event.  

Based on the predictions, I decided to wait until afternoon and went to worship.  

Throughout the morning the temperatures dropped instead of rising.  

Upon returning home I had to jump into quick action, plowing before things froze up.  

I was angry at the meteorologists for putting out incorrect information and then I caught myself…

Not one of us controls the weather; we are not in charge.   Meteorologists use their equipment and experience to predict but don’t actually “know” what the weather will be.  

Too often we live in the illusion of control and then are caught short when circumstances remind us we are not.

It is our calling as servants of God to be there for others when they are caught short & are angry, sad, bewildered or overjoyed by the events that come their way.  We take on the role of making sense 

or at least creating ritual around, those moments.  We preach, teach, pray, lead, serve and accompany, knowing not the future except the constancy of God and God’s love for us.  We live, love and serve by faith.

As I consider the life events of each of you, weddings, illness, new body parts, grandchildren and great grandchildren, change of call and the passing from this life to the next, I am mindful of our need to have others make sense of or at least create ritual with and for us.  

We don’t know the hour or the day, we don’t know who will walk in or out of our lives and yet we find joy in living by faith with in the community of God’s people.

We just celebrated the incarnation, God with us.  We celebrated the human and the Holy coming together which we call Church.  I think of these divine moments of sacred community while praying for you daily and retreating together annually.  

I hope you will put this year’s retreats on your calendar. 

If you are unable to travel perhaps you can retreat where you are at the same time as a scheduled retreat, being connected to other retreatants in spirit.

I mourn with you our losses and celebrate with you our joys.  

I offer gratitude for those who have gone before and hope for those just joining the order.  

The gift of love and support found among Brothers and Sisters is priceless. 

I wish God’s grace and peace upon your ministry, whatever it may be, in the place God has currently planted you.

Sincerely,   Sister Prior Jennifer Geary