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2019 Retreat Registrations are in progess.
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WE ARE...  Brothers and Sisters of the Way

We are brothers and sisters walking together
in the Way of Jesus.

 We are Christian clergy called to live in community
and to follow communal spiritual practices.
Our practice is rooted in the simplicity and peace of ancient monasticism
and, although we do not live together in a monastery,
our practice draws us together.

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Daily Fellowship of Prayer
Every day we receive prayer support from our Brothers and Sisters in ministry, and we give the same.

Weekly Compassionate Service
Each week we devote at least an hour of care for people in need.

Monthly Silent Time
We make a commitment to set aside at least two consecutive hours of silence every month for spiritual reading, reflection, and listening.

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Annual Retreat
Once a year we take at least three full days or more to retreat with Brothers and Sisters,
living an adaptation of a monastic daily order.

Occasional Hospitality
is offered whenever possible to a Brother or Sister visiting the area of our homes.

General Support
We honor the requests of our Prior for the good of the Order as long as they do not  hinder our ministry.

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