Retreat Registration and Payment Form

PRINT this page, complete the form and mail with payment to one of the addresses at the bottom of the page.

RETREAT REGISTRATION:  I am registering for the retreat at (Location and Date):  _________________________

Are you attending the Rhode Island retreat?  Sunday 6 PM arrival is optional for those with long travels who
may arrive by 9 AM on Monday.        Check Here  ______   if you will arrive for the RI retreat on Sunday at 6 PM.
.                                                               Check Here  ______   if you will arrive for the RI retreat on Monday at 9 AM.

Your Name:_____________________________________________________________________________________________


Phone: _____________________  Cell:_______________________  Email: ________________________________________

Special food or health requirements/needs/allergies: ____________________________________________________

Special needs or expectations:__________________________________________________________________________

____  I understand that Brother and Sisters of the Way is a community with year-long privileges and expectations!

Your Sponsor (if this is your first retreat)  ________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact:  Name:________________________________________  Phone/Cell _________________________


2019 Dues:    Regular member dues  $20    (First Timers exempt)                                        ________
.                          Dues not required of members 75 and over who choose to be Emeritus member.
.                     Past Dues  (Please see your BSOW 2019 Update)                                             ________

Retreat Fee:  (pick one from the list below and enter the amount here)                               ________
.                      First Timer (for any retreat) $50
.                      Second and following retreats:
.                             _____ Rhode Island $150
.                             _____ Maine (1st & 2nd week) $150
.                             _____ Ohio $250
.                             _____ West Virginia $225                                                                TOTAL     ________                                  
.             Please mail completed REGISTRATION together with a check made payable to BSOW to….
.     For Maine & RI:      Bro. David Andrews, 281 Washington St. Ext., Middlebury, VT 05753  Tel. 802-388-4894
.     For Ohio:                 Bro. Jerry Fritz 225 West Main St., Andover, OH  44003, Tel. 508-627-0970
.     For West Virginia:  Bro. Robert Rock, 7401 Willow Rd., #228, Frederick, MD 21702