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May 2019 Minutes of Retreat 229 Rhode Island


Brothers and Sisters of the Way 

Retreat 229  in Rhode Island

May 2019

Present: Prior Sr. Jennifer Geary, Asst. Prior and Retreat Leader: Bro. Bill Hamilton, Sr. Paula Fletcher, Bro. Marsh Hudson-Knapp, Bro. Tom Campbell, and retreatant Bro. Joe Shore-Goss

Meeting called to order at 12:55 PM by Prior Sr. Jennifer.

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Accepted with one correction deleting repeated “earlier.”

Treasurer’s Report: All retreats lost money last year (although the RI retreat broke even after the reimbursement for our first-timer).  So the chapter increased Swan’s Fee to $150.

We received an income and expense report from the treasurer. Suggested that we send out the complete report to the chapter.

Read minutes from the Maine 2018 retreats.#1.

Responses: RI Retreat is fully wheelchair accessible.

Recorded readings and books that might raise questions:

The Council may want to consider a policy about books or recordings that may be read. We favor the present practice in our retreat – namely talking with the Retreat leader if you have a reading that may raise questions.  If someone has a problem with a reading we suggest that the retreat intentionally discuss the reading together.

Our New BSOW Website: Thanks to Sister Paula!  She is working on raising our search ranking so that it may be found easier by “BSOW.” 

Remembering Sr Linda and Sr. Marriotte who are healing.

Interest in getting to know others in our chapter with whom we have not retreated. Perhaps have a New England gathering in the fall.

Discussion about membership categories and who will be on the prayer list.  First, it was suggested that we all read the latest version of the bylaws and it’s definitions of member categories. 

There was a consensus that we take an approach of grace with our brothers and sisters.  Two of us on the retreat (both officers now) would no longer be in this fellowship if we had been removed from the community and its prayers after the 5-year limit for not paying dues.

Comments re prayer list. Suggested that we communally pray for the people on our list during retreats.

Next Year’s date Sunday May 17 through Thursday May 21st at 

Bro Bill Hamilton will be retreat leader next year in RI. 

We ask treasurer Bro David to forward copies of the registrations (or a summary excel spreadsheet consolidating all the registration info (allergies, food needs, etc.) to retreat leaders as he receives them, and retreat leaders are asked to send confirmation to registrant as soon as received and a week of two before the retreat starts he will send a suggested packing list and retreat info to the retreatants.

Sr Jennifer has a displayer. Sr. Paula will get a displayer from her for the NE Methodist conference meeting.

Sr. Jennifer will check in with Sr. Allison who married last year.

We urged our prior & sub-prior to make contact with everyone on the prayer list who has not been on retreat lately to see how they are doing and how they want to relate with our order.  Our Prior will ask retreatants to make calls to help with this.

Adjourned by 2:07

Notes by Bro. Marsh

Minutes of Meetings of the Order

24 Jan 2019 Minutes NE Consistory of BSOW

New England Consistory of BSOW     24 January 2019

After reminding yours truly about the meeting, we started around 1:15 on Zoom

We discussed all of the NE retreats and Bro Marsh received all the info for promoting them:

RI: Leader: Bill Hamilton Fully Accessible

Swans: first Week leaders are Bro John McD & Bro Doug

second week leader: Bro David Keller (awaiting confirmation)

accessibility very limited, hill, 2 steps.  One person can stay on the first floor with bathroom access

Fee for All NE retreats is  $150

Registrar for all NE retreats is Bro David Andrews,

Discussed Council ideas for disbursing funds: scholarships, memorial Gifts, Subsidizing retreats, and there was general support and decision to take the discussion to retreats for discussion.

Bro Fred’s death:

Bro John is attending Bro Fred’s service

Sr. J is assembling memories to send to Bro John

Sr. J will send a note to the family from the order.

Spring Mailing: Bro David A offered to help Bro Marsh send it

Bro David also shared a summary of his very thorough report emailed earlier. Treasury ended year at $3814.  Has $3271 at present.  We did lose about $600 in 2018 because retreats cost more than we received.

RI could have 3 more people and it would cut costs.  Maine retreats could also handle more participants.

Sr. Jen prepared an Epiphany letter  to go out to the chapter.  Upon receipt, Marsh will forward it promptly.

Meeting ended at 1:45

No new meeting scheduled as everything looks in order.

Minutes by Bro Marsh

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23 Jan 2019 Minutes of the Council of BSOW

Minutes of the Council of Brothers and Sisters of the Way 23 January 2019

Notice:  This is a report of the meeting of the ORDER’s council.

The New England Chapter had a meeting of its Consistory on the next day, the 24th.  Minutes coming in my next email

Minutes of the Council of Brothers and Sisters of the Way     23 January 2019     10:35 AM

We gathered and shared news about physical healing processes many of us are undergoing.  God and skilled folks are helping us!  Particular thanks for healing for both Bros Jerry and Bro Julian.

Present Abbot Julian, Priors Bro. Jerry Fritz and Bro Jerry Fritz, and Scribe Bro. Marsh, Bro. Jerry Fuss. Absent, Past Abbot Bro. John, Bro. Wayne Sautter, S. Jennifer Geary

Opening Prayer: Bro Wayne, remembering Bro. Fred


Ohio: Will return to Sunset Shores Sept 15-19  Cost will be $250

Accessibility: ramp, room, bathroom, shower

Registrar: Bro Jerry   Leaders: Jerry & Jim Brehler

Review of 2019 retreat plans:

Mid-Atlantic: Sept 9-13, 2019 Leader. Bro Wayne

WV:  $225  The first floor is accessible throughout, except for the shower which has a two inch lip. It is too small for a wheelchair but chair could be placed in the shower.

Registrar: Bro Bob Rock

New England:

RI: Retreat Ldr Bro Bill  Access: ramp, room, bathroom, shower?  Registrar: Bro David

Swans - no handicap access   downstairs room near bathroom is made available to person needing it.

Leaders: First Week June 3-7 Bro John & Bro Doug

June 10-14 Bro David Keller (pending).  Sr. J will report to Marsh

Registrar Bro David Andrews,

Website: Sr. Paula aiming for website re-launch this month.  Bro Marsh is checking in.

Finances: as of Dec  1959.15 in Checking  2134.95 CD

Dues reminder:  Bro Wayne will ask Bro Bob rock for list of dues due for Bro Marsh to include in spring mailing..

Bro Julian sent our personal Christmas letters reaching out to many brothers and sisters and they were appreciated.

An Easter Letter to the order will come from Bro Julian

Bro Jerry F: What do we want to do with our accumulated funds?

1. Perhaps subsidize retreats?

2. Perhaps memorial gifts?  Remembering Bro Fred Robie.  Do we do anything (like a memorial gift) when a brother or sister dies?  Often families choose a memorial focus which could be a focus.  We would want to do the same at the death at each brother or sister.

3. Scholarship Help: In PR: Scholarships available.  If any member needs financial helps to be able to attend please talk with your prior.  Authorize Priors to supplement a person’s ability to contribute so that financial need will not prohibit anyone from attending, and the Council will evaluate the results at the end of the year.

Welcome brochure   Bro Julian has drafts he will send to Bro Marsh.

Next Council 10:30 AM March 27 by Zoom

Prayer Request for a young person in profound need for healing from addiction and for their body.

Facebook: Brothers and Sisters of the Way

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